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Collect a FREE (+shipping) gift for yourself, friends, and family to help raise awareness! Plus, watch our first O.U.R. Dance Film, Nameless Faces and listen to the AMAZING song produced to help raise awareness about modern day slavery (which you can also download with your FREE gift)! And, if you are completing the #JoinTheFight challenge, your gift will make a great addition to your photo!
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Help Raise Awareness for O.U.R.
Operation Underground Railroad is a charity that goes into the darkest corners of the world to rescue children from the grip of sex trafficking...
Why Am I Giving You This For FREE?
  •  Because there are over 2 million children enslaved in the world RIGHT NOW and most people don't know. Together we can WAKE UP the world!
  •  Because wearing this wristband can spark a conversation that could literally SAVE A LIFE.
  •  Because human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the United States and being aware of that fact is the first step to CHANGE!
Please know, that if you receive your free wristband and decide you do not want it, we will refund your shipping (and you can keep the wristband and give it to someone else).
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Watch Nameless Faces Here!
Don't forget, after you collect your wristband, you can download this AMAZING song and all proceeds go to O.U.R.
Thank You So Much For Watching!
Now Help Us Raise Awareness And Collect Your FREE Gift...
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We only have 200 wristbands available, and that number will go down quickly so make sure you get one for yourself, and whoever you want to talk to about Operation Underground Railroad!
Don't Want the FREE Gift?
That's Okay!  You can still help O.U.R. by donating as little as $1 to them here!
A Message From Micadyn & Shay,
When we first found out that slavery still exists today, we couldn't believe that more isn't being said about it.

There are over 2 million children being trafficked around the world right now and most people don't even know...

What's worse... 
It's happening...
in our own backyard.
That's right, the United States (the land of the free), is the number one producer and consumer.

When we found out that fact, we were overwhelmed... we wondered how we could help.

We wanted to do something.  Dance speaks to us and we feel as though movement can sometimes say what words cannot. That is why we created this short film.  

We wanted to share with you that...
... and it is through Operation Underground Railroad!

O.U.R. has gathered experts around the world to put an end to child slavery. Their team - consisting of former CIA, Navy SEALS, and Special Operatives - goes under cover leading extraction missions rescuing children from the grip of sex trafficking.

So far, they have rescued over 1,500 children, but as stated before, there are millions still out there...

That is why we are giving away this free awareness wristband. Change starts with recognizing that slavery exists. Wearing your wristband tells the world that you care! Grab one for yourself, and hand out more to your friends and family!
All we ask is that you help cover shipping. There's no catch... we are literally handing these wristbands out just to raise awareness for Operation Underground Railroad.
You Have The Power To Make a Difference
We believe, that the more people who are aware, the less this evil can exist... Together we can shine a light on this darkness. You can also post a photo of you with your wristband to join the #JoinTheFight movement.  If you haven't heard about the movement, you can by clicking here.  

Tag @RawFocusDance and we will repost you!
Micadyn & Shay
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