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Wake up the World is an artistic project that aims to increase awareness and volunteer opportunities worldwide for O.U.R. through viral marketing!
a message from micadyn & shay
Hello Sponsors & Volunteers!
When we first found out that slavery still exists today, we couldn't believe that more isn't being said about it.

There are over 2 million children being trafficked around the world right now and most people don't even know...

What's worse... 
It's happening...
in our own backyard.
That's right, the United States (the land of the free), is the number one producer and consumer.

When we found out that fact, we were overwhelmed... we wondered how we could help.

We wanted to do something.  Dance speaks to us and we feel as though movement can sometimes say what words cannot. That is why we created our project.  

We wanted to share with you that...
... and it is through Operation Underground Railroad!

O.U.R. has gathered experts around the world to put an end to child slavery. Their team - consisting of former CIA, Navy SEALS, and Special Operatives - goes under cover leading extraction missions rescuing children from the darkest nightmares.

So far, they have rescued over 3,000 children, but as stated before, there are millions still out there...

Change starts with recognizing that slavery still exists.  We intend to create a marketing video for O.U.R. unlike any other, that people can't ignore, and that sparks change.  In addition, we intend to reach out to the community to create a wholesome premiere event to encourage students and their families to engage in charitable efforts.  
Unfortunately it is not as easy as it sounds.  Producing the content and community event we imagine can cost upwards of $20,000.  This estimation will cover all productions costs -- which includes (but is not limited to) venue, lighting and effect crews, cinematographers, cast and wardrobe, equipment, production design, etc.   This is why we are looking for sponsors like you!
You Have The Power To Make a Difference
Someone told us this once, and we believed them.  We feel like we have something to share and we truly believe it can make a difference.  We are thrilled to be working with Amy Snyder - who sparked the idea -- and Jamie Resch on this upcoming project!  Knowing about the children who are lost fuels our teams passion to "Wake Up the World".  We hope you can see the vision and want to join on this journey with all of us!

Please know, all money raised that isn't used for production will be used for promoting the film and donated directly to O.U.R..

We are also searching for volunteers to assist with the project!  If you are passionate about what we are creating and have a desire to help these children, we would love to have you join our team.  Please contact us  to see how you can volunteer!
We want to express our sincere gratitude for your help, however you are able to give it.  We look forward to a day when slavery no longer exists.  Thank you for reading this and considering becoming a part of this journey! 


Micadyn & Shay
project o.u.r.
Wake up the world is an artistic project that will use dance, film, special effects, and viral marketing to inspire people to share and join the fight with O.U.R.. 

 In addition, we are creating a community event for students and their families to participate in.  We intend to create something wholesome and powerful for our community to reach out to the world.  
what do you get 
as a sponsor?

Level 1 Sponsor:  $250

Your name/logo is listed on our sponsors web page, youtube channel and on the sponsors banner at our community event!

Level 2 Sponsor:  $500

Name/Logo will be included on our event t-shirts, listed on our sponsors web page and youtube channel, and on the sponsors banner at our community event. 

Level 3 Sponsor: $1000 

As a level 3 sponsor your Name/Logo will be included in the credits of our viral video! In addition, it will be listed on a large banner at our community event, on all event T-Shirts, on our sponsors web page and youtube channel!

Higher Sponsor Levels:

If you are passionate about what we are doing and would like to give even more to this project then please contact us right away. We would love to talk with you and get to know you!

Additional Notes

Please discuss with your accountant or financial advisor about using this sponsorship donation as a Marketing Advertisement Deduction for your tax returns!



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Project O.U.R.
Wake Up the World is part of an ongoing Project O.U.R. series.  Visit our Youtube channel to see our previous projects!
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