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Join us this summer in one of our dance films!
We have many exciting opportunities for dancers in Utah and Idaho this summer! If you are a dancer and are interested in participating in one of our dance films, please read all the information below and complete the form at the bottom so we can contact you!
Summer Project Details
Okay (it's gonna be)
June 26th-29th
Okay (It's gonna be) 
Location:  orem, ut 
Rehearsals:  June 26th-28th
Film day:  june 29th
A jazz dance film to "Okay (it's gonna be)" by the Piano Guys.  This song has been a theme for Shay's sister in law who is battling cancer, and with this film we aim to inspire others that no matter what you've been through, it's gonna be okay!

Costume/Rehearsal Fee:  $10.00

Contemporary Dance Film
June/July 2019
Contemporary Dance film 
Location:  Meridian, Idaho
Rehearsals:  june/july (tbd with the dancers)
film date - july 19th
A small group, contemporary dance film.  Song is TBD and rehearsals will be worked out with the dancers involved!  

Costume/Rehearsal Fee:  $15.00 

July 15th-20th
Location:  orem, ut 
Rehearsals:  July 15th, 17th, & 19th
Film day:  july 20th
A duet or small group dance film with music from Disney's Aladdin!  Contemporary dancers preferred. 

Costume/Rehearsal Fee:  $30.00

Lion King
July/August 2019
lion king
Location:  Meridian, Idaho
Rehearsals:  july/august (tbd with the dancers)
film date - august 2019 - TBD
A group dance film with music from Disney's Lion King.  Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary dancers needed!

Costume/Rehearsal Fee:  $45.00 

Fall/Halloween Theme
August 2019
Fall/Halloween theme - Song tbd
Location:  orem, ut 
Rehearsals: August 2019 tbd
Film day:  august 2019 - TBD
A small group dance.  Hip Hop and Jazz dancers needed for this piece that will be released in the fall and have a "halloween" feel to it. 

Costume/Rehearsal Fee:  $35.00

raw movement project
Raw Movement Project!
The RAW movement project is something Micadyn and Shay have been very excited about for a while now. As artists, we all have something that drives our artistic flavor, but rarely do we get the opportunity to embrace and celebrate that individuality. RAW movement is a project that aims to shed light on the difficulties and challenges we face as well as the moments that bring joy and how dance is an outlet to heal, lift, and encourage us as we walk through this thing we call life. We invite dancers of all backgrounds to open up and be vulnerable, to be RAW with us as we try to create a place where we can celebrate dance!  We want to see YOU, in all your RAW beauty! 

Our experiences shape us, and they shape the way that we dance. This project is designed to capture just that! To participate in this project, we ask you to write up a small paragraph on how dance has healed, lifted, and encouraged you in your lifetime. It can even simply be why you chose to dance (it can be as broad or specific as you like)! There are no wrong or right answers, we just want to dig into what makes you an artist and understand/see what creates and inspires you! After the blurp is written we will come in and capture you in a RAW improv setting (movement being driven by what you have written). We feel there is so much beauty in those improved moments, and those moments are what empower and drive us as artists. It will be a 30-60 minute film shoot and then leave the editing to us! We will be overlaying what you have written ( meaning your voice will be recorded! ), so share only what you are ok with others seeing/hearing!

Our hope is that as we share our RAW moments with each other we will find a community of people where we can celebrate together the individual stories that make us who we are: DANCERS! 

As a participant, you will receive full access to your film to add to your portfolio and use how you like!! 

The cost for this project will be $50 + Rental Space Fee if applicable. A rental space fee covers the cost of studio space and can range from $0-$35 depending on the space selected.
Summer Project Registration!
Please fill out the form found below if you would like to participate in any of the projects listed above.  

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(aside from RAW project participants).  
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