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Dance Film & Music Videos

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If there is one thing we love, its Dance Film! This is our specialty and our services can range depending on the needs of your project.

 We have a unique talent to tell stories through dance and film and we want to help you tell yours, whatever it is! In addition, we pride ourselves in creating an environment and experience that is unforgettable. 

 We truly love what we do, and that passion flows into our work and through the people we work with. Choose from any or all of the services listed below!
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Dance Film/Music Videos

If there is one thing we love, its YOUTUBE videos! This is our specialty and our packages are full service. We create a unique storyboard that tailors to the dancers or music artists strengths, inspires ideas and gives a message viewers are sure to remember. In addition we provide the choreography, videography, editing, and revisions.

We provide our services to dancers (pre-professional and professional), music artist (music videos), studios, companies, artists, organizations and more. We also work with choreographers looking to showcase their work through the creation of a dance film. If you have a project idea in mind, let's make it happen!


We can work with you to create a unique storyboard that encompasses the ideas and feelings you want to leave your viewer with.  We love telling stories for film, and specialize in dance film.  We have 5+ years of experience storyboarding and learning how to frame stories.  Let us help you!


Micadyn & Shay are renowned choreographers, working with pre-professional and professional dancers for 10+ years. Both studied dance at the university level and continued working and creating throughout their professional careers. 

Notable works include pieces choreographed for dance companies at BYU Idaho, Dixie State University, and Southern Utah University. In addition to working with students, Micadyn & Shay have choreographed for numerous professional dance companies and studios throughout Utah and Idaho. 

Currently, Shay is completing her degree in Screen Dance at the University of Utah while directing a professional dance company (MOXI) which performs pieces by both Micadyn and Shay annually. 

We truly have a talent to tell stories through dance and movement!


With years of experience on various sets with different size crews and budgets, we can provide you with everything you need to create your next video!

We can take care of some-or all - of the following production needs:  Storyboard, Costume Design, Lighting, Location, Choreography, Videography, Editing, and more!

We particularly love to fuse dance and music by creating music videos that implement dance, after all that is our specialty!  


With 5+ years experience in film and continued learning, we can provide videography and editing services to you.  We have great equipment, and great relationships for additional equipment and talent if needed for a bigger set.  We love framing stories and know we can bring yours to life!


In addition to the services listed above, we also provide teaching and workshop opportunities to dancers, companies, studios, and organizations.  We are experts in dance film, and excited to share what we've learned with eager students and up and coming artists.  
We hope to work with you on your upcoming project, and help make your dreams a reality.  We love what we do, and know you'll love it too!

 Thank you!
Micadyn & Shay
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