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Dance Film Projects by Micadyn & Shay
Project o.u.r
After learning about Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an non-profit that travels around the world to rescue children from human trafficking, Micadyn & Shay were inspired to start RawFocus and do what they could to raise awareness and funds for such an important and inspirational organization. 

It's difficult to put into words what this organization provides these children, so RawFocus aims to bring meaning to O.U.R.'s cause through an art form that can express even more.  

Project O.U.R. is a 4 part series of films.  Each part has a unique storyline and sheds further light on the hope that comes from O.U.R..
Nameless Faces
Part 1 - Project O.U.R.
Part 2 - Project O.U.R.
Part 3 - Project O.U.R.
To be raw
To be RAW is a dance film project that brings together dancers of all backgrounds to shed light on the challenges and difficulties of life.  It portrays how dance can be an outlet to heal, lift, and encourage dancers throughout their lifetime.

We are currently looking for dancers to be featured in RAW.  If you are interested, please click the link below!
Summer projects
We have a series of fun summer projects coming up including Aladdin, Lion King, 2 Contemporary Dance Films & 2 Jazz/Hip hop dance films!  To find out how to be a part of these projects click the link below!
kicking cancer
Inspired by Shay's sister in law Char, who is currently fighting cancer, our project was created to reach out to those who are also affected.  We pray for all those who have been affected by cancer! To those battling - we say keep fighting, you are not fighting alone.

There will be a few films in this series, the first being #TogetherWeGotThis shown below.
Part 1 - Kicking Cancer
Okay, It's Gonna Be
Part 2 - Char's Favorite Song
Don't ever let your dreams be just dreams...
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