Watch Our #FindingHope 
Dance Film: Redemption
There Is Hope For Victims of Sex Trafficking Thanks To
Operation Underground Railroad!  After watching, post a photo of yourself with #JoinTheFight
Calling All Dancers, Painters, Singers, Photographers, And All Other Passionate Artists!
We recently completed the #JoinTheFight Challenge and now we are challenging you!  Watch our dance film about Operation Underground Railroad, a charity that RESCUES children from sex trafficking, then find out how dancers and artists JUST LIKE YOU are making an impact around the world, and how you can too!  Plus, we have a cool announcement for you!  Get all the details below!
What Is The #JoinTheFight Challenge...
And How Do I Get Involved?
The #JoinTheFight challenge was created to allow dancers and artists alike to utilize our talents to make a difference.  As artists, we have a unique ability to speak to the world in a way that can’t always be expressed through words alone.  We can use those abilities to inspire change and spark conversations.  It’s as easy as one, two, three!
Write #JoinTheFight on a piece of paper (or download our free one here)
Take a photo of yourself dancing (or other art form) holding the sign
Post your photo on social media using #JoinTheFight
and tag @ourrescue
We Believe That Dance Can Change The World, That Is Why We Made This Video, And We HOPE It Inspires You To Do The Same! 
Can't Accept the Challenge?
That's Okay!  Click here to find other exciting ways to get involved!
See What Other People Are Posting...
Other Ways to Get Involved!
There are two MAJOR ways that you can help O.U.R. in their journey to save children around the world. The first is by spreading awareness. The truth is, most people have no idea that children are enslaved today. We want to help you spread awareness, so we are giving away FREE #JoinTheFight wristbands. You can collect yours here:
The second MAJOR way you can help O.U.R. is by donating to their cause. It costs around $10,000 to save just ONE child, so every donation helps, no matter how big or small! Click below to donate to O.U.R. directly. 
If You Are Passionate About Operation Underground Railroad And Want To Do More, Donate Directly To Them Here
You Might Be Wondering Who WE Are? We are Shay & Micadyn, Two People Who Love Dance and Film! We Are Passionate About Operation Underground Railroad, JUST LIKE YOU! We are creating a series of 4 dance films for O.U.R.! If you would like to sponsor our project, please Contact Us.
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